Our Services

GR Transport is your dedicated partner for professional heavy vehicle driver training and associated transport industry courses. Here’s a closer look at our core offerings:

Heavy Vehicle Driver Training

Heavy Rigid (HR) Licence: Our HR training is comprehensive, catering to those looking to operate heavy rigid vehicles with confidence and safety.

Heavy Combination (HC) Licence: We provide in-depth training for drivers aiming to handle heavy combination vehicles, focusing on both theory and practical skills.

Multi Combination (MC) Licence: Our MC licence training is designed for the highest class of heavy vehicle driving, preparing you for a wide range of driving conditions and loads.

All our training programs are available for both manual and automatic transmissions, ensuring you’re road-ready for any vehicle type.

Transport Industry Training Courses

Dangerous Goods Training: Learn to handle, store, and transport dangerous goods safely with our certified courses.

Forklift Licensing: Gain the skills to operate forklifts efficiently, enhancing your employability in various industries.

Bus Driver Authority: Our course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to become a certified bus driver.

Chain of Responsibility Training: Understand your legal obligations and ensure compliance with transport laws.

Elevated Work Platform Licensing: This course covers the operation of various types of elevated work platforms, focusing on safety and proficiency.

Customised Corporate Solutions

GR Transport offers tailored training solutions for corporate clients. Whether it’s on-site training for your staff or specialised courses to meet company-specific needs, our corporate solutions are designed to align with your operational requirements.

Our Assurance

With GR Transport, you receive training that is not just comprehensive but also compliant with the latest industry standards and best practices. Our instructors are experienced professionals committed to delivering high-quality education and practical skills that empower you to succeed in the transport industry.

Explore our services and find out how GR Transport can help you drive your career forward.